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Volunteering is a great way to get involved with the RiverLife: Almond & Avon project. Whether you are keen to get your hands dirty, looking to boost your CV or just wanting to get out & about to meet some like-minded people, everyone is welcome. There are a range of opportunities available, from walking along the river looking for invasive species to spending a day in the water helping to install brash banking. There are also plenty of opportunities to learn new skills and complete certified training courses to allow you to take part in some of the more challenging tasks.

Get in touch with Amy, our Volunteer Coordinator, at riverlife@forthriverstrust.org to register your interest for volunteering or sign up for volunteering updates here.

Whether you are looking to spend the whole day outside in your wellies or only have an hour to spare and/or prefer less physical activities, we would love to have you on board.

Browse through the range of volunteering activities we have on offer and the roles our volunteers take on below!

River Monitoring

There are many ways to get involved and be active in your local rivers.

Freshwater Watch is an international pollution monitoring programme that is sponsored by Earthwatch and can be undertaken in some of the rivers in our area. Volunteers are able to be trained in undertaking this type of monitoring and can go out surveying at regular intervals to track changes in the river!

Download our FreshWater Watch Volunteer role description. 

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Riverfly populations are affected by many factors including water quality, habitat diversity, water level and flow rate. Unfortunately, changes to water quality can go unnoticed without regular monitoring. The Riverfly Monitoring Initiative provides volunteers with a simple monitoring technique to detect any severe changes in river water quality and gives guidance on reporting these changes to the relevant contact within SEPA.

Download our Riverfly Volunteer role description.

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The Forth Rivers Trust undertakes regular research to ensure our work is based on sound scientific principles. Electrofishing is one of the ways this is achieved by the Trust and is done to monitor fish populations. The monitoring is led by the Trust biologist every year to understand the full picture of the health our fish populations in our rivers with the assistance of volunteers.

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The RiverLife: Almond & Avon Project has introduced a new cleaning project to our rivers that asks volunteers to work for a month on cleaning up rivers after rainfall events. Volunteers will be working on the clean-up site over a period of one full calendar month every time it rains heavily to try and help us quantify what is going into and being washed down our rivers in large flows!

Download our RiverRubbish Volunteer role description.

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Volunteers who get involved with our Aspen hunting will learn the history of Aspen and be informed on how to identify it. Squares can be assigned to help Forth Rivers Trust locate wild Aspen in the Almond and Avon.

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Practical Conservation Days

Sign on to our mailing list to be kept updated on any bespoke practical conservation activities we happen to come up with! However, here are some typical opportunities we have within the project.

Work entails working in the river to help shore up the river banks with woody brash. This work helps to slow down the erosion that is taking place and keep the riverbanks from collapsing. Willow weaving is another example of this type of work and these days are always fun messy activities!

Download our Practical Conservation Volunteer role description

Planting trees along rivers is good for nutrient input, riverbank stabilisation, wildlife and for keeping rivers cool. We regularly schedule days to plant trees along rivers through various projects.

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Invasive non-native species are a threat to UK biodiversity. We have various opportunities to get involved with surveying for and controlling Invasive Species in the Forth Catchment.

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Whether in the classroom or through events, RiverLife offers many opportunities to get engaged in your community.

Fish in the Classroom is an engaging school project for children around the Primary 5 age. The aim of the project is to teach children about environmental responsibility in a fun and absorbing way. Volunteers can lend a hand to deliver different aspects of this project.

Download our Fish in the Classroom Volunteer role description  

The Forth Rivers Trust is always keen to get out and about and throughout the year we go to lots of different events. Volunteers can lend a hand to spread the message about the trials and tribulations of our rivers when we head out to these events!