We have been working on the upper Avon for the duration of RiverLife with the aim of improving biodiversity and riverbank management.  Earlier this week, we were joined by 11 volunteers from Heineken’s Edinburgh office who came to plant trees, adding to the work of the Upper Avon Enhancement project.  As we have done before, we were planting tree species that are either unpalatable or resilient to grazing – alder, downy birch and hawthorn – thereby reducing our need for plastic tubes and stakes.  We did, however, use a biodegradable mulch mat to suppress the growth of the grasses and herbs that will compete with the young trees for light, moisture and nutrients.

Although they didn’t bring any samples for us, the Heineken guys did a great job, planted 280 trees and were thoroughly knackered by the end of the day.  The RiverLife dog got right stuck in to the digging but she didn’t plant any trees – some training still required there, I think.