About this time every year thousands of tiny buds erupt all around us as we carry on with our daily lives.  On a particularly sunny morning we may even notice the stark brightness of green springing out from what seems like everywhere, making those mundane Monday and tiring Tuesday commutes more vibrant and exciting.

Clorophyll, the pigment that trees use to convert sunlight, water and CO2 into Oxygen, absorbs blue and red wavelengths of sunlight while actually reflecting green.  All those newly emerging leaf buds have more Clorophyll in spring than in any other time of year.  So if you’re thinking those trees seem greener in spring, it’s because they really are.

Our team plant trees between November and late March, so we are keeping a close eye on spring green this year.  Take a stroll along the path by the river banks near Rugby Club weir in Livingston, or wander along the walkway at Killandean burn, and you’ll likely spot some of the saplings we’ve planted making the river banks greener.  We have planted more than 600 trees so far, including downy birch, alder and blackthorn.

Next time you’re out, see if you notice spring green.


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