The construction of a rock ramp at Howden weir is the largest capital works project undertaken by the RiverLife team to date. The rock ramp has been created to allow the passage of migratory fish upstream of the weir and took six months to complete. As an obvious and sometimes obtrusive development the RiverLife team decided that running several question and answer drop-in sessions at the weir would engage with the local community. This would serve as a form of community engagement and utilise the specialist knowledge of the Forth Rivers Trust’s science team. Aquatic ecologists Dr Iain Reid and Jack Wootton visited the Howden site daily in their capacity as ecological clerk of works (ECoW). Their expertise coupled with the first-hand knowledge of the site made the drop-in sessions easy to manage alongside their ECoW responsibilities. The intention was to answer any queries and allay any fears surrounding the installation of a rock ramp; currently the largest on mainland UK. Four sessions were run at the site with numerous questions answered. The response from the general public in attendance was resoundingly positive, with the new understanding that the work was for the benefit of the local ecosystem.