Killandean Blue Green Network

Focus of the ‘green’ works has been the creation of a new sustainable materials seating area, improvement to existing benches and bins. Inclusive of working with the council to alter horticulture maintenance tasks to maximise biodiversity on land, while minimising litter entering the river system from overflowing bins. Focus of the ‘blue’ works has been the re-enforcement of a bank that was eroding close to the path, with the use of brash banking, with brash from the trees upon the bank. Also including 400+ trees (native species mix) being planted on a less used area of bank to help shade the burn, increase biodiversity and slow surface run off to the burn.


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Where can I see it?

The Killandean Burn is one of the main tributaries of the River Almond in West Lothian and runs through the Killandean Greenway, a green space that is popular with recreational users.


The many aspects of the Killandean project have taken place between 2017 and 2019, with final works completed in January 2019.