The weir was originally built in 1790 to provide a new water source for the iron works at Fair-a-Far mill. Despite the construction of a fish pass in 1970s, the weir remained a barrier to fish migration. Completion of a larinier fish pass will enable fish to successfully move upstream and downstream at the site and the weir will no longer serve as a barrier to fish migration. Ultimately, this will result in improvements to the wider biodiversity of the River Almond, bringing benefits for local residents and visitors to the area alike. 


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Where can I see it? 

The new fish pass at Fair a Far can be viewed from the River Almond Walkway in Cramond, near Caddell’s Row car park.     



The new fish pass at Fair a Far was constructed between Autumn 2017 and spring 2018 with a formal opening event celebrating the completion in April 2018.