Do you recognise this? If you live in Polbeth or a nearby area, you might be able to identify our cardboard construction. It’s a prototype for a model of the Five Sisters bing, which is one of the local landmarks that will feature in the Polbeth Crazy Croquet game we (public artists Minty and Nick) are making for Polbeth Gala Day. Players will be invited to hit a croquet ball around an obstacle course featuring miniature Polbeth landmarks, made in cardboard. The croquet balls represent different creatures that might be found in or around Harwood Water, now or after the completion of the new fish ladder at Limefield Falls. Players will have to coax their croquet balls through tunnels, over the Harwood Water, and navigate other familiar landmarks. We’re excited about our first public event in Polbeth, the launch of the Polbeth Crazy Croquet, on 29 June at the Gala Day. Come along and join in!

In other news, we’ve been starting to get to know Polbeth, and some of its (human and nonhuman) residents. We’ve been meeting lots of groups and individuals who live in the area and finding out about the particular species of fish and other wildlife that make their homes in Harwood Water and the surrounding environment, and about how this might change once the fish ladder has been installed at Limefield Falls. In the coming months, some Polbeth residents have offered to take us on their favourite or regular walking routes, showing us features of the area that are important to them, or which they might like to change. We are also holding a workshop at the Community Gardens on 13 July. More soon. Or see you at the Gala Day.

Minty and Nick