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May will see the first part of a new project running in Polbeth linking students at the local high school with planned work on the River. The Limefield Falls art competition will involve S2 art students from West Calder High School. The competition will be integrated into the S2 landscape syllabus, part of the high school’s art Curriculum for Excellence and focus on the falls in Polbeth. The falls are the next barrier in the RiverLife: Almond and Avon project to be adapted to allow migratory fish to pass upstream, accessing suitable habitat. One significant element of the competition is that it will feature the falls prior to the works, thus documenting the falls in its present state. The idea is that the project will run again next year to capture the new footprint of the falls with the fish pass installed. The first stage will see the students visit the falls, getting a sense of the location and taking some reference pictures or initial sketches. This will then be developed into a final piece of work which will be submitted to the competition. The entries will be displayed at the school’ award ceremony in September where an expert judge will be along to pick the winner and award the prize. The winner will also be presented with a trophy, Annie Lord, the Artist who worked with us on the River Rubbish project, has been commissioned to produce the Falls Competition trophy. Annie will be on hand during the site visit to talk to students, offer advice and collect material from the falls to make the trophy.