Citizen science into action. I was fortunate to be able to join a team of avid local river volunteers. We were all taking part in training how to monitor fresh water as part of the fresh water watch project. This is a global project generating data on the quality of fresh water bodies. It looks particularly at levels of nitrogen and phosphorus in our rivers. Thankfully the sciency/data collection bit can be achieved via the use of a simple testing kit (plus a little bit of instruction). The wonderful Amy Fergusson led the training which began with an introduction to the project, its aims and how it fits into monitoring your local river. This has been a perfect complement to other aspects of the Riverlife Almond and Avon project which adds more community involvement, gets people engaged with their river in a novel way and brings out the inner scientist in us all. Nitrogen and phosphorus are key pollutants that have an effect on a wide range of species within the freshwater ecosystem.