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This event finished on 04 November 2019

As part of the RiverLife: Almond & Avon project, the Forth Rivers Trust is looking to collect the litter that will accumulate on a stretch of the River Avon down from the outflows of the Waste Water Treatment Works (WwTW) near Linlithgow.

The aim of the project is capture and record the quantity of sewage litter present in a designated stretch of the river Avon over a single calendar month. This will highlight the physical presence and impact of these discharges to the river ecosystem, with records produced of the quantity and types of litter items found. This is the third in a series of RiverRubbish projects carried out to highlight these issues!

If you would like to be added to the list to undertake project activities, please email our Volunteer Coordinator Amy at a.fergusson@forthriverstrust.org. She will get you exact details of the site location.

We need your help to record this issue throughout October, so if you want to do something fulfilling like clean up a stretch of the river in the next few weeks please come along!