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This event finished on 13 June 2019

Volunteers can get involved in the fight to control the invasive species along the river banks by attending one of the Himalayan Balsam pulling events below. These will be run over June and July along the River Almond to try and tackle the swathes of balsam that have been taking over the river banks.

Himalayan Balsam is an invasive non-native species meaning it is not naturally occurring in Britain but has been introduced by human activity. This has caused it to compete with the native plants found in Britain for light and nutrients – this particular species is invasive as it has managed to out compete the other plants and cause a reduction of natural biodiversity in our environment. Rivers are vulnerable as the seeds from the balsam float down river and attach the the banks. This means all the native vegetation found near rivers is slowly being replaced by monocultures of the Himalayan balsam.