Event Details

  • Date:
  • Venue: Whitecross

David and Nim, staff on the RiverLife project will be running this short (1.5km) walk along the river Avon. Together we’ll be hunting, paddling, digging for beasties and bugs that live in the ground, on plants, in trees and in the river. We’ll be talking about the adaptations, the lives they lead and how they form part of the food chain for some many animals. We think insects and such are fascinating and help to construct the natural world we love. Come along and have a look into the smaller invertebrate world with us.

Please note that Muiravonside charge £1 to park a car now, this is only accepted as change so please have some available for parking on the day.
We suggest that while children younger than 5/6 are welcome they may find it less interesting as we’ll be mainly talking and looking, lightly interspersed with some walking and more talking. There is a small amount of uphill and the paths are mainly unsurfaced earth. To access the river and beach, there is a large step down but a bench nearby if anyone would like to sit out the climb down/up the bank.
Wellies are advised if you would like to participate in the kick sampling in the river.
If you have any concerns about access for yourself or a loved then please contact Nim/David at the office to discuss wheelchair and reduced mobility access, we’ll be happy to help.