With the completion of the works at the rugby club weir, the RiverLife team wanted to run an event to mark the occasion. This was the perfect opportunity to satisfy the Forth Rivers Trust directors desire to run a duck race. Turns out that this was a masterstroke, the weather, the staff, the channel and the community all came together perfectly. My role amongst all the fun was to sort the course with nets and booms and commentate on the race! Not a role I was expecting when joining the RiverLife team, but one I certainly relished. After a slow start, the action quickly picked up through the course of the by-pass channel. This made the job of describing all the to-ing and fro-ing of the duck competitors easy to narrate. All the ducks made it to the finish line successfully and a great time was had by all the visitors and staff in attendance. The event proved to be a marvellous way for the RiverLife team and the trust as a whole to hand over the rugby club by-pass channel to the local community.