One of the RiverLife project’s main aims is the restoration of the Bog burn – including re-meandering the watercourse and improving public access.  However, this work is partially dependant on ground investigation works which will assess potential contamination from historic industrial development – including coal mining and iron and steel manufacture – and waste disposal which thrived in the Bathgate area through the mid-20th century.  The reason for the investigation is to prevent industrial contaminants, that may be present in the soil, from being released during river restoration works.

While these investigations are ongoing, we would like to foster positive community action in the area and are facilitating a monthly meet up of enthusiastic locals.  These meet ups take place on the 3rd Thursday of the month from April up to and including September 2019.  In the first two sessions of this series we have removed several bags of rubbish and recycling from the banks and pulled out trolleys, bikes and scooters from the burn itself.

In the coming sessions we will be improving access by clearing branches from paths around the bog burn and adjacent ponds; using this material to create habitat for the local Great crested newt population; and, of course, more litter picking.

If you would like to be involved, please get in touch with Luke ( or Amy or just meet us in Morrisons carpark at 10am on the third Thursday of the month.