We had our second session of regular volunteering at Bathgate on Thursday the 18th May. This was fully intended to be a second litter pick as, you may remember, the group didn’t even make it to Meadow Park on the last session. This was because of the magnitude of litter around the Morrison’s car park and Railway Bridge that needed to be picked up. The group was more hopeful for getting further on its second meeting.

When we went in this time, there was a fresh covering of litter in the same place, but we got beyond that and into the park this time to wander along the burn and collect all the rubbish we could find. As we travelled along the Bog Burn, we were put out by how many trolleys/bikes/scooters we could see regularly throughout the river. Luckily, we had Scot on hand – our Trolley Excavation Expert – with his trusty waders and rope. Our litter pick had officially turned into a trolley pull.

With our four volunteers on board, we started to fish out all the debris in the river and did our best attempt at landing it! Some of the trolleys took a little extra heaving than others, and some refused to move, having become one with the banks. We finished our muddy task though, and by the end of it there were at least 5 trolleys, 3 bikes, 2 scooters and a wheelie bin removed from the channel.  

Luckily, we had the council on hand to collect the rubbish that we pulled out on a whim! Thanks to West Lothian Council for their help in picking up our debris piles with no warning. And thank you to the volunteers who came once more, and stuck around through this muddy task!

We will be back in Bathgate for our regular monthly volunteering in June. If you are interested come along on the third Thursday of the month and get in touch with Amy or Luke for details!