Protecting the wildlife of the River Almond and the River Avon

RiverLife: Almond & Avon is an ambitious programme of works undertaking a range of catchment wide improvements along the rivers Almond and Avon. By engaging with communities and restoring the natural heritage of the Almond and Avon, the project will reconnect wildlife and communities with their local rivers.

The River Almond and River Avon form a part of the Forth Sub Basin, flowing into the Firth of Forth.  They have been heavily impacted by the area’s industrial past; shale mining caused toxins & heavy metals to leach into the surrounding land and water sources, in the nineteenth century an increase in milling meant rivers were slowed and blocked to provide power to the huge water wheels, and more recently significant urbanisation and intensive agricultural practices have caused lasting damage to the river environment.

The River Avon originates in North Lanarkshire, north of the village of Caldercruix, and flows North East, passing Slamannan and Linlithgow, before joining the River Forth near Grangemouth. The River Almond flows from Shotts, North Lanarkshire, through Livingston and Kirkliston and joins the River Forth at Cramond in Edinburgh.

Working with SEPA, along side Falkirk, West Lothian & City of Edinburgh Councils, the Trust has identified a number of projects within the two catchments which will re-connect parts of the natural water environment with the adjacent local communities.

The work is focusing on the two rivers and the adjacent riparian areas encouraging communities to undertake works to improve the natural heritage of the rivers. The projects within the larger programme of works aim to improve access, education and skills training within the catchments along with physical improvements to the rivers, allowing for a more sustainable approach to their management.  The project intends to allow for the delivery of improvements highlighted by SEPA with community and stakeholder input as well as facilitating ‘on the ground’ community projects.

The programme has been developed to deliver the above projects within the two catchments, ensuring community involvement in all six projects.

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