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The woes of Balsam

 sThis is the right time of year to head out on the banks of your local river and find some Himalayan balsam. This invasive plant species uses watercourses as a transport corridor for seeds, so you will find them lining the banks of rivers big and small. When these...

Aspen propagation workshop

Today, RiverLife volunteers propagated around 250 cuttings using suckers from wild aspen root cuttings collected from the Pentland hills back in March.  You can read about that day here: https://www.river-life.org.uk/aspen-root-collection/.  After collecting the root...

Aspen Refresh Workshop

On the 19th June we organised an Aspen refresh workshop for our project that focusses on the identification and location surveying of Aspen in West Lothian. This project is in association with Eadha trees who we have been working in partnership with throughout this...

Aspen in the classroom

June saw the inaugural ‘Aspen in the classroom’ sessions with four schools in the Almond and Avon catchments – St Mary’s RC Polbeth, Mid Calder Primary, Whitecross Primary and Riverside Primary.  Adding to the great success of ‘Fish in the classroom’ – now an...

Howden Rock Ramp Opening Event

Work began on the rock ramp at Howden weir in autumn last year, well, these were the works that can be seen by those passing by or living near by. Plans for the easement of the weir have been ongoing in offices of various organisations for several years. Ending with...

Polbeth Crazy Croquet and ‘Our’ Falls public art project

Do you recognise this? If you live in Polbeth or a nearby area, you might be able to identify our cardboard construction. It’s a prototype for a model of the Five Sisters bing, which is one of the local landmarks that will feature in the Polbeth Crazy Croquet game we...

As part of this project we are keen to build up a picture of how people engage with their local river and what their perceptions are of it. To do this we have created a short, online survey which we hope you can spare a few minutes to complete.


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