RiverLife: Almond & Avon

Tackling Invasive Non-Native Species as a Rivers Trust

It has long been established that those who have direct access and the ability to conserve the river, are able to impact the amount of invasive non-native species that are found on their banks. The various Rivers and Fisheries Trusts of Scotland have been monitoring...

Howden weir partnership community contribution

Howden weir partnership community contribution Thank you to our partners, AmcoGiffen for their contribution to the local community. A wide range of equipment was procured through their trusted supplier Safeaid LLP, which included personal protection equipment, from...

Trees on the Almond

With the weather being so changeable we haven't managed to get our ducks out racing yet! We had our fingers and toes crossed for good weather but alas, the River Almond was too high to send the ducks out swimming. Instead, we had a bunch of trees to plant for the...

RiverRubbish Artwork Unveiling

A few of the team popped along today to the wonderfully accommodating Almondell & Calderwood Country Park, who having shared their river pollution issues with us a while back, are now in receipt of Annie Lord's new artwork. Made up of a selection of a few of the...

Our Falls: A new community project for Polbeth

We are Minty Donald and Nick Millar, two public artists based in Glasgow. We are excited to be starting work on a new project - ‘Our’ Falls - in Polbeth, West Lothian. The ‘Our’ Falls project hinges around Limefield Falls and the construction of a viewing platform and...

The Battle Continues: Non-native invasive plants

Back in Autumn last year we met up with a few old faces to chat about invasive plants along the rivers Almond and Avon. See the newly released video about some of the work, motivation and importance of this type of work. A big thank you to all those who gave their...


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As part of this project we are keen to build up a picture of how people engage with their local river and what their perceptions are of it. To do this we have created a short, online survey which we hope you can spare a few minutes to complete.


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